Doll E. Daze

"Celebrating Black history through the eyes of a doll collector" February 1st - 28th

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Whats Her Story? 

                                     Maddy By Debbie Britt 2002

The lack of funding as well as being unable to locate a space that 

could accommodate the more than 600 dolls of color, from the 
private collection of Debra Britt was the catalyst for  Doll E 

The idea for this cultural event that would promote culture 
diversity, nurture self esteem and teach self acceptance was 
formulated, devised, developed and initiated  while researching 
funding options at the local library. If displaying the collection in its 
entirety was impossible then small exhibits at various locations could 
be an option.  The library display case could be a possibility, although 
there were  two display cases in the lobby I soon found out that the 
other belonged to the Council of Aging. I contacted each program 
coordinator and requested permission  to exhibit dolls from my 
collection.  I pondered about what month would  allow me sufficient 
time to organize the display.
February could work ,it was six months away, the library hadn't 
planned the space that far in advance and the added bonus the creme 
de la creme it was" Black History Month "in the U.S .
With these two sites secured I began to visualize the exhibit.  
Inspired by  Debbie Garrett's book "
in hand  I decided to showcase the 
dolls by categories  one display case  of vintage through present and 
the other for Barbie. How would I include my OOAK's ,Artist, soft 
sculptured., holiday or character dolls ? I decided to call the 
libraries in the surrounding towns, I received such a positive  
response my imagination took control. Wouldn't it be grand  if I could 
call upon all of  my dolly friends to participate and libraries across 
the nation would have exhibits  during the same time. .

Voila!! Doll E Daze A cultural event commemorating Black History 
month  that would dazzle the public with an  exhibit of  Black Dolls.
Doll E Daze
To be assured that the public would be aware of the various 
exhibits,, flyer's will be posted as to the location of  participating 
libraries and category of dolls being exhibited. A database has now 
been created for other doll collectors who have answered the call to 

I wish to thank each of you that have visualized my dream and will 
participate in making it a reality.
                                   Debbie Britt


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