Doll E. Daze

"Celebrating Black history through the eyes of a doll collector" February 1st - 28th

Doll E Daze Educational Programs


The  Art of the African Wrap Doll    

his 90 minute workshop is based on the 18th century traditional art form rooted in African American culture. Students are taught the basic techniques necessary to create their own three dimensional characters. This modern adaptation of the art form challenges the students to think outside of the box during the design and construction based on the recy-clable materials provided During the process as confidence is built the discussion is lead on the environment, bullying, art history or African American culture based on the needs of the teacher/student.

All About Kwanzaa

Since 1994, the storytellers have been demonstrating Kwanzaa ceremonies in public 
venues. Dressed in authentic African Attire, a presentation customized for its audience 
includes a reenactment of the seventh night of Kwanzaa, which includes the ceremony 
for the Karmau(feast).With song, storytelling and food this spirited event comes alive 
with audience participation and culminates with each participant presented with a 
zawadii (gift).

Beyond the Basics

  • A four week doll making workshop that introduces the student to various 
    mediums in creating a doll, in addition to an introductory class in creating 

Self-esteem through the arts                                                       

  A workshop  in self -development that  seeks answers to the questions 
of who what when where and how using various forms of art ie: Mask making, 
quilting, doll making., scrapbooking  and journaling

 Race Matters Who Am I ??

 We cannot be effect in change  if we aren't first honest about who we are.

 We will seek deeper thinking.  Racism what does it look like, define it through labels .
Students will be given  a group of words  and asked to associate them with various ethnic groups. We will questions where  and how these opinions were formed ie; media, TV, magazines, etc. 
Art Strand :   We will then create a mask own identity  and self image based on what we have discovered in our discussion group. Masks are made using  recycled plastic,,,,,,,,


Exhibits of the collection can be arranged for businesses, schools, museums, libraries, 
and cultural organizations. .

Approximately fifteen dolls are displayed with various props  and accompanied by 12 by 16 
" text panels for each doll describing  the artists, medium used  and its role in history. Our 
approach to the exhibit is primarily historical and cultural.

Each exhibit is professionally packed for travel and ready to install by our staff or yours.. 
We maintain a full range of preparation services and can fully customize an exhibit for any 
size venue . Educational support in the form of guest lectures, books , films  and workshops 
can also be arranged.. Exhibit scheduling may change from day to day, we encourage you 
to call and be placed on our wait calendar in order to receive updated information on 

Booking Period : 4 week minimum

The African American Experience
Time line in decades.
eatured dolls in this exhibit includes,Tribal dolls, Buffalo Soldier, Tuskegee Airmen,Colin Powell,Vietnam Veteran,Windtalker and other in addition a 69x 30" horizontal quilt .Books and other materials can also be supplied.


 Doll E. Monologues 

 In addition to the text panels this exhibit features 26 dolls that provide history of black doll collecting facts from A-Z,in addition to a 90x 30"  vertical( banner ) quilt.


The Heart and Soul Of Boston 

Exhibit Includes:  Sojourner Truth, Ellen and William Craft, Chuck Turner, Jean Mcquire, A.Phillip Randolph all  who are of significant to Boston's History.In addition there is a 48 x 30" 
horizontal handcrafted & designed to quilt to further stimulate interest in 
African American history and culture.

Keys to the Movement 

The civil rights era Dolls include Bayard Rustin, Huey P. Neton,  Luther King, Rosa Park, Jessie Jackson just to name a few as well as the  48 x 30 horizontal handcrafted quilt. With books and other educational materials this display walks through a difficult era in History.


Black Doll as a Teaching Tool

ABC of Black Doll Collecting 



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