Doll E. Daze

"Celebrating Black history through the eyes of a doll collector" February 1st - 28th

  The Doll E. Daze Project presents:

Upcoming Events : National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture



The Museum

 DOLL HOUSE  Found 5,000 sq FT. 

 In April of 2012 three sisters  spiritually linked on one mission. Debra Britt walked a mile  each day. The goal was to exercise, it was however her time alone for prayer. During this walk  she  envisioned a space to house her collection. Often times she would circle downtown 's  rotary  and pray. Felicia Walker  was embarking on a new chapter in her life . Looking for  direction her compass would be the daily recitation of the Prayer of Jabez. Laverne Cotton's health was deteroating , her outlook on life was bleak. She prayed daily for her purpose and  the strength to become productive.. God answers all prayers...

During  Debra's walk on April 15th 2012 she  noticed the retail space @ 288 N. Main Street. Curious she approached the owner.  Excitedly she called her sisters.  Upon their inspection Debra envisioned  the story that could be told. Given two months free to build out the space and with limited resources and prayer. The National Black Doll Museum of History and Culture opened its doors in July of 2012.

 This unique cultural and educational facility  is  the second museum in the nation dedicated to preserving the history of black dolls.

The Doll E Daze Project is pleased to present

The National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture 


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Our Mission

The Mission of the Doll E Daze project is three fold to nurture 
self –esteem, promote cultural diversity, to preserve the history of 
black dolls through collecting and education.
The Goals:  are to create a non threatening environment to facilitate 
true dialogues on cultural differences, to empower individuals by 
cultivating artistic and creative skills thus nurturing one’s self-
esteem and to provide cultural education using visual stimulation of 
artifacts of African American history and culture.

" Mothers! Give your children dolls that look like them to play with and cuddle. They will learn as they grow older to love and care for their own children and not neglect them."  Marcus Garvey

The Project

Doll E Daze Project - An educational and cultural event dedicated to 
preserving the history and promoting the artistry of 
Black Dolls



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